Environmental sustainability is one of the core principles that guide the operations of Basigu, our company. We believe it is our duty to adopt responsible business practices to minimize the environmental impact of our activities. A tangible example of this commitment is evident in our order management process for customers from various parts of the world, such as Germany. When a customer places an order on our website, we make an effort to select the product directly from the warehouse closest to the country of the order's origin. This means that if a German customer places an order, we ensure that the product is sourced from our warehouse located nearest to Germany. This practice not only significantly reduces carbon emissions associated with transportation but also contributes to faster and more efficient deliveries compared to many other e-commerce platforms. Unlike many other sites, our dedication to sustainability sets us apart.

Our commitment to sustainability is not just an environmental benefit but also demonstrates our dedication to providing better service to our customers. We believe that balancing operational efficiency and ecology is crucial for the sustainable future of our planet. Basigu remains firmly committed to ongoing research for innovative solutions to reduce the environmental impact of our operations, proving that it is possible to pursue business success while taking care of our environment.


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